About Us

The Cultural Consultation Service (CCS) is the only UK-based organisation that provides cultural consultation, training, research and policy at multiple levels, including the individual, teams, organisations and social systems.

about-usOur team is made up of experienced senior clinicians and academics, and we provide policy and commissioning consultancy as well as learning, research and practice evaluation.

We do this in partnership with our host institution, Queen Mary University of London, through our MSc and PhD programmes and by having strong links with charity partners such as Careif.

We produce and examine evidence in practice with agencies such as the British Transport Police, NHS England and Health Education Boards.

CCS also runs Cultural Consultation Clubs on topics such as trauma, culture and healing and homelessness, with leading experts in their fields to provide a learning opportunity for NHS, social care and charity partners.

As an example of our work, commissioned by Tower Hamlets, we:

  • facilitate workforce development to improve staff cultural capability
  • work with and through staff rather than directly with patients, as staff work on
    engagement and assessment
  • create new methods of assessment through narratives and undertake cultural
  • provide tailored training
  • encourage the identification of organisational narratives and constraints
  • liaise with managers and commissioners to lift constraints
  • activate organisational processes to support team and clinical activities

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