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New report on railway suicides calls for effective preventive strategies and ‘robust’ statistics on women and ethnic minorities

The lack of research on the gender and ethnicity of people who commit suicide on the UK railway system obscures an urgent need for more effective preventive strategies, claims a new report launched today.

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Mental health service improves patient experience and reduces cost by putting culture first

People experiencing mental ill health are benefitting from a cultural approach to their recovery, leading to a reduction in service use and more met needs, announced the Cultural Consultation Service (CCS) at its national conference in London last week.

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Cuts adverse impact on mental health services

Drastic cuts to mental health services may lead to higher rates of mental ill health among vulnerable groups, warns health agency

Cuts to mental health services of up to 20 per cent by commissioners will have an adverse affect on already vulnerable groups, warns the Cultural Consultation Service following its recent seminar on mental health commissioning.

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