Cultural Consultation

This is a holistic approach to care, which analyses and broadly highlights the cultural components of the encounter between the patient and the clinician. We believe that a mutual understanding of culturally-determined world views and values between the patient and the clinician is the key to a good therapeutic alliance. This enables increased satisfaction, effective treatments and better outcomes.

  • Second diagnostic opinions
  • Ethnographic interviewing
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Analysis of explanatory models

Training and Development

CCS offers training and development to individuals, teams and organisations. We aim to draw out and develop the cultural capability of professionals working with diverse cultural communities. We also want to improve the cultural capability and orientation of organisations to be more socially inclusive. Cultural competence is a dynamic and ongoing need for all practitioners rather than a single one-off training experience.

  • Training tailored
  • Rolling training programmes
  • Personal learning delivered through collaborative working

Organisational Consultation

CCS works with systems and organisations to incorporate cultural knowledge. We also work with the principles and structures that underpin the delivery of culturally capable services in commissioning, policy making, infrastructure and practice.

  • Development workshops
  • Didactic input and facilitated discussion
  • Organisational ethnography

Therapeutic communication

Cultural differences can result in miscommunication and lead to complaints, grievances and ineffective ways of team working within an organisation. Effective intercultural communication requires self reflection on both sides. There has to be a willingness to challenge familiar ways of interacting, habitual styles of working and an exploration of one’s own assumptions and expectations.

  • Cultural mediation in grievances and complaints
  • Dynamic analysis of intercultural obstacles
  • Dynamic analysis


CCS lends its expertise to the production of comprehensive and evidence-based reports.

  • Policy review
  • Audit reports
  • Medical legal reports
  • Clinical assessment reports

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